Pittsburgh City Paper Internship – Week 3

At this point in the internship, I feel as though I’m settled in. 

I feel more comfortable doing my job and have stacked up four projects I’m working on independent of my regular, weekly obligations. I am still doing some work for my story about the Toonseum, have an interview set up to start getting to work on a profile of a local comedian, and have been in contact with PR folks for two other stories, on long-form and one short-form. It feels good to have cool, meaty projects like this in progress, alongside the regular work I have to do.

One of the short lists for this week is longer than usual, which means I get to do some original reporting. I am set up to be interviewing an actor in the area for the write-up, which I am excited to do. The Critic for this week was the most enjoyable for me, because I got to attend 3 Rivers Comicon, a really awesome comic book convetnion. I interviewed a rectruiter and father who is also a big daredevil fan, if I can make any assumptions based off of his costume. 

Another week, another round of good work. 

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