Pittsburgh City Paper – Week 7

This week, I had to cram a lot of work into less days than usual, because I left Friday for a weekend vacation. Thankfully, my boss was very accommodating to my schedule and pushed some work to the following week for me. 

Tuesday was the very busy and exciting day. I went into the offices around noon, got to Phipps Conservatory for an interview with someone for the Critic assignment around 3, did an interview on the phone in the Phipps cafe with someone else for an additional story, and then at 8 pm I went with a buddy of mine to a comedy show as part of research for a comedian profile I’m working on. 

If there was just one day in my life I felt like an actual reporter, it was that day. 

The phone interview was with Marta Mazzoni, the creator and host of a prominent Pittsburgh podcast called “Marta on the Move.” I had a lovely conversation with her for a feature on her and her show, which is coming up on a 3 year anniversary. I had to turn the story around quickly, so the following days saw me writing it and turning it in for publication by Thursday. 

The comedy show was a lot of fun. There were probably around a dozen comics and I did a lot of laughing. I am starting to see a lot of familiar faces the more I cover comedy, which is satisfying. Pittsburgh comedy is a beat I hope I can focus on going forward. 

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