Pittsburgh City Paper – Week 8

This week was one of my most joyful at the internship thus far, as I got to do a lot of writing. Thursday morning, I turned in 1600 words worth of writing. It felt good. 

On Tuesday, after going into the office I went to the National Aviary in the North Side (for the first time) to do some research for a story. Because my internship is awesome, research entailed a trip on Birdly, a virtual reality experience that simulates the experience of flying as a bird around New York City. It was fun and scary and a technological marvel. VR has become rather prominent, and this was my first time trying it. 

While I only had 400 words to work with on this story, I became very proud of the writing. This excerpt is something I particularly like: 

Elizabeth Pacanovsky, 26, and Angela Guy, 34, friends from Cleveland decided to travel to Pittsburgh, and the Aviary was one of their stops. Guy had never been to Pittsburgh before. Neither of them had ever been a bird. 

The bulk of my time spent writing was on the 800 word profile of a comedian I’m working on. Hours upon hours of observation and interviews went into the piece, and the actual process of writing it was lovely. I have what I think are a strong lead, a compelling through-line that characterizes the man in an accurate and interesting way, and some great quotes. 

After turning all of the writing in, I got to sit down with my boss and go over it all, which was really great. Bill O’Driscoll has an impeccable eye for detail and is always able to provide loads of constructive criticism. 

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