Pittsburgh City Paper Internship – Week 10

It’s rare that the Everyone is a Critic assignment I do each week is based on something I pitched, but that was the case this week. This week, I went to Popapalooza!, which was a Pop! Figure toy show. I consider myself a big fan of the little guys, and did indeed take advantage of some of the excellent prices on amazing figures.


It was fun to cover the event. I had a good conversation with an impassioned collector who went to the show with some friends of his. 

The same day, in addition to coming into the office as usual I tagged along with an artist as research for a longer story I’m working on. I am cover an artist residencies project that a group in Pittsburgh is embarking on. For one year, four artists are getting to know four respective immigrant/refugee groups/communities and then in the year after are creating some art work. I shadowed an artist who was shadowing an organization. 

I enjoyed it. I got to watch how the artist goes about her day and got to meet and speak with some interesting people. 

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