Pittsburgh City Paper Internship – Week 9

This week, unfortunately, was an uneventful one. 

Because my boss was on vacation this week, I didn’t go into the office at all. Despite this, I still had my regular weekly workload. I still completed short list entries and attended an art/entertainment event for the Evelyone is a Critic assignment. 

The event I went to was thus Charlie Chaplin Silent Picture Show, which I found to be pretty cool and interesting. This show took place at City of Asylum’s Alphabet City, a cool book store/restaurant/venue for readings, screenings and performances. At this event two musicians played live music paired with old silent films made by Charlie Chaplin. The movies contained timeless slapstick comedy that was only made more interesting and compelling due to the lack of words. The audience was very engaged, and quite crowded for that matter. The woman I interviewed for the assignment was eloquent and friendly. 

My week was actually dominated by my standard job back home – I ended up working 40 hours. So while this was a light week in terms of my internship, squeezing it in was still a challenge. 

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