Pittsburgh City Paper Internship – Week 12

The highlight of this week was the opportunity to interview Myq Kaplan, a comedian with impressive national traction. He has performed his standup on big platforms, such as Conan. I was initially going to just do a small blurb about an upcoming performance of his, but I asked my boss if I could do more when the event organizers offered to set up a phone interview. 

I have been covering comedy a good but during my internship, partly because it interests me and is therefore something I’m more comfortable reporting on, but also because I know my boss told me he wishes the paper covered comedy more. One thing I’ve learned is that some comedians turn themselves off and just talk to you, and others stay in their stage persona – Kaplan was one of the latter variety.

I think the writing turned out to be quite good – I only had 325 words to work with but I think I did work within that restriction. 

To give you a sense of how exciting I found that assignment, I called it the highlight of the week despite the fact that I also attended an LGBTQ Burlesque show. What an internship, eh? 

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