Pittsburgh City Paper Internship – Week 13

A pretty standard week, although I did get to go over a longform story with my boss 1 on 1. I really appreciate going over a long piece of writing with him. I do enjoy tackling the little nuances of structure, grammar, word usage, verbosity, etc. The article is something I’ve been working on since May (I believe) and it’s been a little intimidating.

This story, about a 2 year art project about immigrant communities, has a lot of moving parts. I did 5 in-depth interviews and will be doing more, it seems. Part of me felt like never get it done, but here I am. 

I also got to see a performance of Avenue Q, an all-black, raunchy parody of Seseme Street, for the weekly Critic assignment. It was excellent and very funny. 

I also realized a former and a current Point Park student were actors in it, so I decided to do an article on it for the first issue of the Globe coming up in the fall. 

It’s nice when a single experience can be used for multiple forms of coverage – and in this case, for multiple outlets. 

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