Pittsburgh City Paper Internship – Week 15

This week I got to start working on some work outside of the arts and entertainment section. The City Paper is gearing up to start a new annual theme revolving around college. They are having their interns write the bulk of the paper. 

I pitched and am working on a story about textbooks. I hope to round up information about different school policies, display different strategies for saving money, and speak to an expert on the subject to contextualize the issue. I am getting 600 words to work with and it’s a reasonable quick turn-around of about a week, which is exciting and also nerve-wracking. 

For my “Everyone is a Critic” assignment I attended this hip-hop festival “1Hood Day” in Lawrenceville. It was a cool event, though it was unrepentantly loud. It was difficult to find someone to interview (3 folks turned me down), but I did eventually get someone. 

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